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Lindsey wanted a very special grooms gift for her husband to be.  As you can see, she is SMOKIN HOT on a bad day, so I knew her boudoir session was going to be amazing.

She is a married lady now — so I can only show you just a few of the ‘milder’ images.  Let me just say I loved all of her session and she looked just as amazing in every picture as I thought she would.

Lindsey, thank you for letting me share these ones!!!  Congratulations again!


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When I recently moved, a bonus was room for a studio filled with beautiful light in my home.  A bigger bonus….I have been able to shoot boudoir every week since moving in!

I love boudoir, and hope to continue expanding that part of my business.  Now my studio happens to be filled with beautiful natural light, which is great because my style has always been clean, simple and high-key.  I have ….. and use props for sure, but like to focus more on the woman I am photographing, bringing out her natural beauty and inner goddess.

Taylor has allowed me to share her pictures!  (Thank you so much Taylor!)  Her session is exactly what I love.  It’s all about Taylor, and the very beautiful, extremely sexy woman she is.

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Women like Jade are why I would like to do nothing but boudoir.  Durning our session, she felt beautiful, sexy, alive…and she was!  She looked smokin hot!

Jade got married on December 3rd.  She wanted something special as a groom’s gift for Dale.  I got the pleasure of giving Dale his album, while he was getting ready for the big day.  Believe me, she could not have given him a better gift.  He was beyond thrilled.

Boudoir albums make wonderful gifts for the special man in your life….but even more than that, I see it time and time again….it is so empowering for a woman to see how sexy she really is!  We often forget that side of ourselves in our day to day lives, IF we even knew it was there!

Valentines Day is coming soon.  Be sure to click the BOUDOIR SPECIAL tab above for information, and get ready for an experience that will remind you how sexy you really are!

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Before her recent wedding, Sara had a special groom’s gift in mind for Corey.  I love this girl!  She is a beautiful-georgous-sassy-sexy woman.  AND besides all that, she is FUN!  Loved doing this session, and Sara was wonderful enough to allow me to share a few pictures.

Thanks Sara!!!!   I am editing away on your wedding pictures and hope to have them all ready for you soon 🙂



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I always think it’s important to take some classes and learn some new things.  I recently spent a couple of days in Charlotte taking a Boudoir workshop learning some new posing and lighting techniques.  Boudoir is one of my favorite things to shoot so I’m excited to try out some of the new things I learned:)

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Before I forget to mention….. we do have a boudoir special on September 11th that we still have an opening for.  If your interested, please email or call me.

Valerie wanted to incorporate her husbands car into her anniversary boudoir shoot session.  I love the way it turned out!  What a great anniversary present 🙂  Her husband had been trying to get her to drive the car, so she told him she was going to a conference in Myrtle Beach and took it out for a spin.  Little did he know…the conference was her boudoir session!

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Sometimes I need to take on personal projects to inspire and challenge myself.  Get out of my comfort zone, so I can continue to grow as a photographer.  I have had many requests for Couples Boudoir Sessions.  “Coudoir”.   I was not at all comfortable with the idea at first, and turned away many couples.  It seemed like it would be very difficult to capture true intimacy like that …… scary.   On Monday, I did my first Coudoir test shoot with my good friends Candace & Adam.  They made great test subjects 🙂  We did not have as much time to play as I wanted….it just got dark too fast.  I have more ideas after this shoot, and am excited to try them.  I know what I did right, and things I would like to change next time, but am happy with the results of my first try.

Yes.  I am now offering Couples Boudoir Sessions!  Yeah!!

Love doing women’s Boudoir so much, and am so anxious to get this going!  This is not only a extremely romantic gift for a couple…..it will also be an extremely romantic experience.  

Thank you Kip for allowing me to use your bed on the beach, and to Cameron for doing a beautiful job with hair and make-up on Candace.  She looked awesome!

If you are interested in a Coudoir Session, please contact me.  Here are a few pictures form my test shoot.  Please….let me know what you think!  I wanna hear.

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